Monday, August 10, 2009

Do you remember your Quince? (poll)

Welcome to A Mom's Two Cents!

Do you remember your Quince?*
*if you haven't read the post, click on the header and then come back to take a poll!

I would love to get your Two Cents, on what would you do for your Daughters/Son "coming of age" party? It doesn't matter if your Hispanic(15),Jewish(13)or American(18), or whatever age your country celebrate? All in all, what would you do?

I've given my Two Cents on my blog, now it's your turn. Please leave a comment/story/suggestion explaining your Two Cents!



  1. I didn't have a quince. We had moved to a different city and I didn't really want one. I regret it now and hope my daughter can have one!